Get Engaged for Saxby Chambliss

Today there are three U.S. Senate races currently unresolved: Norm Coleman faces a recount in his victory over Al Franken, Ted Stevens has a narrow lead in his re-election bid, and Saxby Chambliss faces a runoff on December 2 against his Democratic challenger. Chambliss deserves any support you can offer — financial or otherwise — and we urge all conservatives to do what they can to make sure he wins his runoff and returns to the Senate to fight for strong national defense, free markets, and a smaller government.

National Democrats have made the defeat of Saxby Chambliss one of their top priorities this cycle. They never forgave him for defeating Max Cleland in 2002, and they have resented his conservative stance on issue after issue. They recognize that Chambliss is a vote against Barack Obama’s agenda of tax increases, profligate spending, radical education policies, and surrender in the war on terror. They know that Chambliss can be counted on to sustain filibusters against card check and giveaways to liberal constituencies

Beyond that, the liberal leadership in Washington D.C. recognizes that Chambliss’ vote is critical. They have already secured 57 votes in the Senate, and if they manage to win the three remaining races, they’ll attain their longstanding goal of a filibuster-proof majority. We can’t count on our lawyers being shrewder than their lawyers in Alaska and Minnesota as the only way to preserve 41 votes in the U.S. Senate. We need a clean victory in Georgia that creative vote counting can’t take away.

As Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid begin to plan their agenda for the years ahead, conservatives must not let up until the 2008 elections are concluded. And that means doing everything we can to re-elect Saxby Chambliss today. After all, regardless what happens in other races, we can’t gamble that all Senate Republicans will stick together on every radical proposal from the Obama administration. Some may vote in favor of some Democratic initiatives; some may be replaced by Democrats in the next few years. In other words, 41 Senate Republicans may not be enough to prevent the enactment of terrible policies. We need to re-elect principled conservatives like Saxby Chambliss at every opportunity.

Please consider [making a donation]( to Saxby Chambliss today. Or consider backing the effort of an independent group such as [Freedom’s Watch](, which is up and running in Georgia today with an ad that explains Jim Martin’s terrible record of tax increases:

And if you can’t donate to support this effort, there are other ways that you can help out. Please consider signing up as a [volunteer]( Anything you do today will help promote good government for the next 6 years — or more.

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