Get Ready for the Racism in Discipline Conversation

Turns out the thirteen states of the former confederacy, well if you include West Virginia which went Union, have some of the highest populations of black residents in the country. And it also turns out that these states also see the highest rates of black student suspensions.

Now, statistically, boys get suspended more than girls. I guess we can declare that to be sexist. Because otherwise we have to conclude that boys are more likely to act up than girls.

But we are not allowed to extrapolate that black students may have behavioral problems in excess of other races in schools. No sir. That would be racist. Nor are we to point out the collapse of family, poverty rates, etc. No, the only conclusion we are allowed to draw is racism.

We may not take this study seriously, but look for it to become another talking point in the racial cold war the left is incite to greater heat.

Also, I should point out again that this is the University of Pennsylvania and they included West Virginia in their study, which is a state only because it broke away from the Confederacy and Virginia.

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