Radio and television personality Glenn Beck speaks to a gathering at FreePAC Kentucky, Saturday, April 5, 2014, at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

Glenn Beck, Russia and the Mainstream Media

I was listening to the Glenn Beck Program on the way to the airport this morning, and heard him talking in the first segment about the recent developments concerning the infamous Golden Showers Dossier.  As the Washington Post has reported, it now appears as if the Hillary Clinton campaign, coordinating with the Democrat National Committee, paid the shadowy research company Fusion GPS to create the dossier in a deliberate effort to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.  The story is important in that it flips the whole “Trump colluded with the Russians” narrative on its head, and instead has Clinton playing footsie with the Kremlin to dig up dirt on Trump.

More than that, however, it also reveals a level of corruption in the federal government that is stunning even by Clinton standards.  It’s highly likely that Barack Obama’s Justice Department laundered the dossier—which was nothing more than uncorroborated opposition research—through the FBI and used it as justification for getting FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on principals in the Trump campaign.  To call this an abuse of executive power would be an understatement for the ages.  It means there’s a level of rot at the highest levels of the FBI and the DOJ that we’re only beginning to understand, and it’s only likely to get worse the more we find out.

At the same time, though, Democrat accusations that the Trump campaign tried to collude with the Russians—efforts that seem to have been fruitless, by the way—are not entirely without merit, as Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Moscow lawyer proves.  As Beck pointed out during his monologue today, no matter where you look, it’s Russians all the way down.

That’s why he pleaded with his listeners:  Stop ignoring the fact that Clinton colluded with the Russians just because you hate Donald Trump.  And stop ignoring the fact that Trump tried to collude with the Russians just because you hate Hillary Clinton.

The bottom line is that Russia doesn’t care who wins our elections, just as long as they can sow discord and division among the American people.

In this, Beck is exactly correct.  What he forgot to mention, however, is how much the mainstream media have contributed to the problem with their dishonest reporting.  From the beginning of the Trump administration, the media have sought to undermine the president at every turn with innuendo about his ties to Russia—attempts that have mostly failed, and given credence to Trump’s claims that the entire story is a hoax.  The problem is that Russian interference in our electoral process isn’t a hoax—and it represents a very clear danger to the future of our republic.

The media’s slanted coverage has obscured that danger.  More than that, it has only increased the discord that the Russians seek to spread.  In that respect, at least, the media have inadvertently signed on to the Russian plan—just as Moscow hoped they would.

More honest coverage would alert the public as to the real nature of the threat, and help to unify the country when it needs unity the most. Here’s hoping that the Blaze, with its renewed efforts to get the truth out—no matter where it leads, or what it exposes—can assist with that effort.

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