“Go To Hell”

Those of you who really buy into the hype that Iraqi voters don’t want us in Iraq, might want to watch this. (Link requires Quicktime).

Yeah, you can say it is Fox News, but it appears to be a rather authentic expression from the lady. For those who don’t wish to click, go to the Political Teen and check out Betty Dawisha’s statement while casting her ballot in Iraq’s election.

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  • Well, they get to vote and our dead soldiers get sent home in cargo. Let them vote, and bring our soldier home. It is shameful, that our fallen soldiers are brought home in this manner. Last night on Fox we learned what happens because a career military couple lost their only son, and questioned the way his coffin was being handled without proper military protocal. How many of the other 2100 plus fallen soldiers were treated in this manner? I am ashamed of my government, no ifs, ands or buts!

  • How many of our politicians have went to Iraq, Democrat and Republican alike that has such outrageous added costs for security, not counting the expense of going there? Most of the trips are merely political in scope, and then this that I talk about in the previous link happens. I don’t care if anyone is a Democrat or a Republican, I think we should all demand of our politicians why did this disgraceful thing happen to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. I am here to say that over my dead body will my ten year old son grow up and join the military.

  • Linda, I rarely agree with you. But finally I do here.

    Erick, for being so involved in the Church, I still don’t see how you can support this war. Us Conservatives are like Jim Baker from the 80’s these days. Might as well be cheating on our wives, I mean we’re preaching how we want to make the world a better place, then we go out and destroy it and kill people in our wake. We were not attacked by Iraq!! Now, not only are our soldiers dying, but we Shocked and Awed a bunch of innocent Iraqi civilians, who were living next door to the terrorists. We burned and brutilized people sitting in their living rooms, so we could find WMDs and terrorists. When did our party become so near sighted that we felt that killing was just part of the deal? How can we say that human life is worth all this? How bout thousands of human lives?

    Remember, this is our war, we started it and we decided to Shock and Awe these people. I sure would not want to have to explain this to Jesus when I saw him. Yea, well Jesus you see I was just trying to get those terrorists, oh and yea there were the WMDs, and yea stability in the region required me causing thousands of deaths. My hands are clean on this one folks, I wrote Bush a letter when he was making this decision and said “DON’T DO IT.” But, our Religious right, their hands are not clean. They can explain when the get to heaven. They could have spoken up and said – you attack and you lose our support. Bush would have thought twice if our religious leaders (other than Jesse Jackson) put the feet down. Nevertheless, we have respectable Deakons supporting the war. Makes no sense.

    So, Linda I completely agree with you. Our own kids dying breaks my heart too. This is evil stuff. I will be real surprised if good can come from this sort of evil.