God in Gotham: Inside Look at NYC’s Growing Church Culture

The streets were buzzing, the music blaring, young hipsters were in large numbers just hanging out and having a good time. Pretty usual fare for Williamsburg – except this was a Sunday morning. And they weren’t partying – they were going to church.

Faithwire recently visited C3 Brooklyn, a very young and thriving church that rents out the Williamsburg Music Hall every Sunday morning. The bar area downstairs is covered in black sheets and used for the nursery.

Neon sign, C3 lobby
Neon sign, C3 lobby

It’s quite a scene – and some of the locals don’t know what to make of it, walking by with confused expressions and even muttering ‘this is church?”

Rehearsal, C3 Church Brooklyn, NY.

Earlier this year, famed NYC church planter Tim Keller appeared on The Village Church Podcast Show and talked about the incredible and largely unreported growing numbers of Gospel teaching churches in New York City.

Keller has long been focused on planting churches in New York City, having been at it for some 20 plus years. He contends Christianity will have more influence if it blossoms in large, influential cultural metropolitan areas.

According to Keller’s Rise Campaign, in 1989 the number of Gospel teaching churches in the New York City area was less than 1% but that number has since grown to 5% with a significant increase in the past five years. Pointing to experts who’ve studied the topic, Keller theorizes that when a minority group reaches around 15% of the population it becomes a movement.

If true, Christianity may be on the verge of reaching a tipping point by the year 2026. Could New York City soon be the future Bible belt?

Faithwire’s Raj Nair takes us on a quick visit to C3 Brooklyn, where he spoke with the pastor and some attendees to find out why so many are flocking to fill this rented out music hall. Check out the video below.

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