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GoFundMe Succumbs to Hillary’s ‘Fixer’ In Anti-Israel Blumenthal Spat

The Blumenthal father-son team is awful, squared.

Daddy Sidney is the Clintonista gang’s version of Winston Wolf (“I solve problems” [NSFW]). Son Max is the Jewish State’s biggest detractor who’s had a Secretary of State’s ear since Isaiah Bowman went to the U.N. in 1945.

The latest batch of Hillary’s emails show that during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State, Sidney forwarded some of Max’s anti-semitic, anti-Zionist rantings to her, to which Hillary responded favorably. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach called the Blumenthals out on Max’s “disgusting, vile, stomach-turning, fraudulent, libelous accusations about the Jewish state that are utterly reprehensible and sickening.”

And in response, The Fixer pressured crowdfunding site GoFundMe into yanking Boteach’s campaign to raise funds for an ad in the New York Times exposing the Blumenthal Father-Son axis.

In a message to Mr. Boteach, a GoFundMe agent known as “Laura” informed the rabbi that his campaign would be taken down, citing unspecified “inflammatory or accusatory language” and “fraudulent, misleading, inaccurate or dishonest statements.” Mr. Boteach told the Observer that he believes Mr. Blumenthal contacted GoFundMe, just as Mr. Blumenthal had contacted the Huffington Post. He also noted that the GoFundMe site had not mentioned Mr. Blumenthal or the content of the proposed advertisement.

Apparently, the rabbi hit a nerve. The anti-semitic connection could create problems for Hillary’s struggling campaign, and that would be bad. So they called in The Fixer.

News for Hillary: This problem is not going away, Sanders is eating your lunch, and your desperation is clearly showing.


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