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Good Guy with Gun Saves Arizona Trooper

There’s a Trooper alive in Arizona today because a passerby saved his life. This was only possible because that Good Samaritan had a gun.

While responding to a rollover accident outside Tonopah, AZ, an Arizona DPS Trooper was ambushed by a gunman and critically shot. A passerby on I-10 saw the officer battling with his attacker and stopped to render aid.

Unable to disengage the assailant with non-lethal force, he retrieved a weapon from his vehicle and subsequently shot and killed the attacker.

With the officer critically wounded, the Good Samaritan got on the Trooper’s radio to notify DPS about the incident and direct immediate support to the crime scene. Arizona DPS credits the quick, decisive action from the passerby with saving the life of the Trooper.

Note on Good Samaritan Response:

This story is a great example of why firearms training and good judgement are such critical skills. From what we know of the incident, the citizen responder noticed what no one else did. Hundreds of people drove by the same spot and he was the only responder. Further, he tried to identify what was going on and the threat level BEFORE presenting a firearm and escalated his response based on clear knowledge of the threat posed to the injured Trooper.

Response to incidents of this type are by definition cluttered by unknowns and the potential for harmful action by a civilian responder is high. There’s even the possibility that such a responder could be identified as a hostile threat by law enforcement and shot, if they do not conduct themselves appropriately.

Thinking through potential threat and response scenarios is something that should be done well before allowing yourself into a situation where force, lethal or otherwise, could be required. Doing so will serve to better protect all parties who could become involved.

Firearm and situational response training are indispensable in making sure you are equipped and prepared to protect yourself and render aid, if required.

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