FILE - In this Sept. 15, 2012 file photo, Dan Savage, left, and Terry Miller pose backstage with the Governors Award for the "It Gets Better Project" at the 2012 Creative Arts Emmys at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. A new Pediatrics study found scientific evidence that it does get better for gay teens, when it comes to bullying, although young gay men fare worse than their lesbian peers. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Good News: ABC Cancels Sitcom of Vile Bigot Dan Savage

Decency and good sense won a victory when ABC announced they were shutting down production of the gross TV sitcom “The Real O’Neals.” After two seasons of desperately trying to make the sexually explicit LGBT propaganda series take off, Disney has been forced to acknowledge it never even made it to the runway. Ratings in the plumbing several feet below the toilet, the show has been cancelled.

Disney took a large risk on the series to begin with, given that it was produced by the extraordinarily polarizing hate merchant Dan Savage. Savage ironically climbed to prominence for an anti-bullying program he initiated on behalf of LGBT youth called “It Gets Better.” Regardless of the reality that perseverance in sinful conduct never makes things better, certainly no one should fault Savage for wanting to help scared, depressed, or suicidal souls made in the image of God.

But as a hateful political activist, Savage has always been the worst possible face for people who identify as gay. As homosexuality becomes increasingly normalized in our culture, most everyone has personal friends or family members who practice the lifestyle. And they are rarely, if ever, defined by the kind of vitriolic hate tactics that Savage traffics in.

Remember it was Dan Savage who boasted about his efforts to infect members of Gary Bauer’s presidential campaign with the flu by licking doorknobs, staplers, keyboards, and even the rims of all the clean coffee cups in the office.

And it was Savage who took to the pages of New York Times magazine in a cover story wherein he expressed his desire to rape Rick Santorum.

It was Savage who told the Daily Pennsylvania in 2006 that Carl Romanelli, a Senate candidate that Savage didn’t care for, should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope. In that same interview, he suggested that Romanelli should go “f*** himself.”

And it was also Savage who infamously wished that all Republicans were “f***ing dead,” and fantasized about Sarah Palin getting oral cancer.

But all of that can’t compare to the blatant hypocrisy of a man like Savage supposedly championing an anti-bullying campaign when he was the one caught live on camera arrogantly bullying Christian kids to tears at a high school journalism conference.

So it should come as no surprise that this same man produced a television sitcom that regularly made a mockery of Christianity while simultaneously pushing sexually explicit content. As sad as it is, that’s all Savage knows how to do. And how bad was it?

“PTC research has found that the first three episodes of ABC’s new show, The Real O’Neals were saturated with adult content. Children watching were exposed to either sexual dialogue or bleeped profanities on an average of once every 43 seconds,” observed the Parents Television Council in a report from last year.


“Of the adult-themed content, 83% was sexual (including sexual references and innuendo); 16% was bleeped profanities (f- and s-words). Most of the sexual dialogue involved the 16-year-old minor, Kenny, his older high-school-aged brother Jimmy, and their parents.”

In the world of Dan Savage, that is normal behavior. For some inexplicable reason, Disney thought his perversion would sell. It didn’t. Praise God.

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