The Google logo is seen at the Vivatech, a gadgets show in Paris, France, Friday, June 16, 2017. French President Emmanuel Macron is shaking hands with robots and encouraging entrepreneurs as he unveils his strategy to transform the country from a land resting on the laurels of its past into a "startup nation." (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

Google Employee Calls for Intellectual Diversity. The Left Demands His Termination

A Google employee has written an internal memo calling on the company to focus on intellectual diversity instead of race/gender diversity. In the memo, among other things, he essentially points out that stocking a company with a group of people who all look different, but think the same, really is not a way to create an engine of competing ideas.

Naturally, the left is demanding he be terminated and Google is conducting an investigation. We can probably expect Google will fire the brave soul, but it is fresh reminder of how intolerant the left actually is. As long as there are adequate skin color variations, the left is perfectly happy with everyone thinking the same. It is one of the chief problems facing university campuses now.

Silicon Valley is no different. The area is filled with narrow minded bigots who drip with contempt for Christians and Americans who live near river valleys. They demand their coastal elite values be shared by everyone and if you disagree, you should be shut up, fired, or worse.

This should be a great learning experience, but we shouldn’t hold our breath. Google is not really interested in diversity of thought. It is solidly on the left and will remain there.

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