GOP Delegates Take Note: Democrats Achieve Unity Under Socialist Banner

Bernie Sanders finally gave his socialist stamp of approval to soon-to-be-nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president,” Sanders said at the Portsmouth High School gym. “This campaign is about the needs of the American people and addressing the very serious crises that we face. And there is no doubt in my mind that, as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate to do that.”

Sanders’ campaign has $9.2 million cash on hand, some of which might be added to Hillary’s $88 million war chest (including her Super PAC). By contrast, Trump has a mere $1.6 million, including his Super PAC.

We are going to see the most socialist, progressive, pro-abortion, anti-Israel Democratic platform in history, with the most anti-liberty, self-serving candidate of all time in Clinton.

Although the platform committee rejected amendments that would have called for the removal of the cap on taxable income to fund Social Security, opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, and condemned Israel’s “occupation and illegal settlements” of Palestine, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver called the final platform a success, and predicted Sanders supporters would reach a similar conclusion.

Clinton on Tuesday paid tribute to her primary-election challenger, saying Sanders had brought Americans off the sidelines and into the voting booth. “He has energized and inspired a generation of young people. So thank you, thank you Bernie for your endorsement but more than that thank you for your lifetime of fighting injustice.”

Folks, this is a joke, an insult to democracy (with a small “d”).

The show of unity is a marked contrast to the rancor still consuming Republicans. Scores of prominent Republicans have declined or refused to endorse Trump. Fully 85 percent of Democrats who backed Sanders during the primary say they’ll vote for Clinton in the general election and 72 percent of Democratic voters say the party will unite solidly behind their nominee, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

By comparison, among Republicans who back someone other than Trump in the nomination race, 77 percent say they’ll vote for him in November. Just 38 percent of Republicans say the party will be united behind him, according the the Pew survey, conducted June 15-26.

Republican delegates, please let this sink it. This is a disaster, and only you can stop it. Maybe you can’t even if you try, but if you don’t try, it’s over.

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