GOP Moves the Goalpost on Health Care

Fresh off a complete failure to keep their signature campaign promise to deep-six Obamacare, the GOP is dropping beaucoup bucks with an advertisement targeting Democrats in several key districts in states across the country.  I know what you’re thinking:  I’m still trying to forget about the LAST election, and now you’re already talking about the 2018 mid-terms?  Just shoot me, already!  But that’s not even the good part.  Care to guess the subject of the new advertising blitz?  It’s health care.

Yes, health care.

And if you just fell out of your chair doubled over with laughter, rest assured that you’re not the only one.

Given the tremendous flop that was repeal and replace, you’d think that the GOP would be dodging that particular subject the way Hillary Clinton dodges grand juries, but no.  The National Republican Congressional Committee is actually pulling out all the stops in an attempt to highlight Democrat support for single-payer health care.  Most days on planet Earth, the response to that kind of accusation would be a resounding, “Duh!”  But given the GOP’s recent fumbling of the issue–not to mention the ham-handed, tone-deaf execution of the ad itself–the results are spectacularly hilarious:

First off, the background music–was that something they cribbed from The Dark Knight?  I half expected Batman to show up halfway through and pull off Nancy Pelosi’s mask to reveal the Joker underneath.  And what gives with that voiceover?  It sounds like the movie trailer for a 70’s era grindhouse horror flick.  Fellas, if you want to scare everyone, can’t you at least try something a little more original?

But even all that can’t compare to the comedy gold of the actual content.

Big government has destroyed the American health care system as we know it.

Yup, Obamacare messed everything up so badly that Congress still couldn’t find the cojones to get rid of it, even with a Republican House and Senate, and a president ready to sign.

But it gets worse.

Like when Mitch McConnell signaled that he’d keep the illegal Obamacare subsidies to the insurance companies going?

A new plan brought to you by the same Democrats who gave us Obamacare…

And this ominous statement is followed by the disco remix version of a bunch of Democrats saying, “Single Payer.”  This might have worked as a bit in a Mel Brooks musical (Single payer, what a show!  Single payer, here we go!), but here it just comes off as lame and contrived–kind of like Republican excuses for not repealing Obamacare in the first place.

What does this mean for you?  Trillions in higher taxes.  Government control of your doctor, hospital, and even prescriptions.

Again, tell me how this is different from Obamacare?  Or is this just an implication that the current system that y’all refused to repeal is terrible, but an acceptable level of terrible that we’ll just have to live with?

Tell Nancy Pelosi and California Democrats that we can’t afford single-payer health care!

Funny how you guys used to say the same thing about the ACA.  But that was just when you were trying to get us into bed.  Now that you’ve had your way with us, you won’t even return our calls.  Don’t you know the old saying about fury and a voter scorned?

In any case, it’s a terrible ad–and not just because it serves up the usual political cheese in a way so obvious that it almost plays like a parody.  No, the maddening part is how the GOP thinks its voters are so stupid that they even won’t notice how the party is trying to move the goalposts on health care.  For the last seven years, it’s been all about repeal, repeal, repeal–but now that Congress has been caught with their fly unzipped, all of a sudden it’s about holding off single payer.  Of course, that Obamacare was designed from the beginning as a vehicle to get the country to single payer seems to elude them.  That, or they’d just rather not talk about it.

So go ahead and waste your money with this ad campaign, GOP.  Just don’t count on us getting fooled again.

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