Gorsuch Decisions Set Women Back Centuries!

It is no secret that the abortion lobby will go to any length to protect its cash cow. The latest evidence is an op-ed by North Dakota clinic director Tammi Kromenaker. The target of her diatribe?

Neil Gorsuch, of course.

Kromenaker’s piece is a stark example of both the vitriol and the absurdity that have become trademarks of the abortion lobby. Take, for example, these gems:

“The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court will undoubtedly oppress the rights that women have been fighting to attain for centuries.”

Really. Centuries? This one Supreme Court justice – who, you may recall, is in line to replace a former justice of like judicial philosophy – is going to reverse gains made by women over centuries? Is he alone going to deny women the right to own property? Speak in public? Vote? Hold elected office? Leave the kitchen without carrying a sandwich tray?

“Gorsuch has voiced his dissent with Planned Parenthood many times, going above and beyond to prove that he does not value women’s rights.”

Oh, now it makes sense. See, I forgot that the Constitution specifically grants the right of access to a Planned Parenthood facility, and that women have been fighting for that right since Adam told Eve she couldn’t abort Cain and Abel. And if he doesn’t like Planned Parenthood, that obviously means he thinks women should have their feet bound together so they can’t congregate and gossip or go to the burka store without their husbands.

“In the Little Sisters case, Gorsuch went against the majority of his court and decided to support employers who were working to block women from attaining birth control.”

Yes Judge Gorsuch, you’ve gone way over the line with that one. How dare you deny birth control to women who have taken a vow of celibacy and believe that both birth control and abortion are sins!

“If women aren’t able to have legal abortions, they will still have abortions that would most likely be unsafe.”

Once Judge Gorsuch overturns Roe v. Wade – which of course he can do all by his little lonesome self – women will be forced – forced, mind you! – to break the law! How can they be expected to make their husbands sandwiches from behind bars?

“I believe that abortion is a basic human right, and Gorsuch does not.”

Well, that settles it. If you believe it, then it must be true. What a Neanderthal this Gorsuch is.

“He believes that corporations should not have to provide birth control to their employees, he dislikes Planned Parenthood, which in turn would mean he opposes all abortion care providers …”

Though I don’t doubt your conclusion, your logic seems a bit flawed. If I dislike Colin Kaepernick and that dude from the Giants who has the funky-colored hair, does that mean I dislike all NFL players, or just those who act like they’re 12 years old?

“ … such as Red River Women’s Clinic, an independent abortion care provider.”

Wait, is this an op-ed, or a commercial?

“The women of North Dakota need a safe place to have the freedom to choose, and my clinic will continue to be that place.”

Oh, well I suppose we know the answer to that previous question now.

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