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At this time last year, the week before Thanksgiving, I asked for a favor. I was leaving RedState and launching The Resurgent. We had no revenue, no major sponsors, or even readers. But on my personal site I asked if you guys would be willing to help and you, the readers of this site, funded this site for a year. This year is winding down and with it we are now draining our reserves. As we head toward the end of the year, it is time to ask again for our readers to sustain us.

This past year, we have grown the site from nothing into a political site that is quoted regularly in major media outlets. In Georgia and nationally, our readers have helped shape debates and policy with our action portal. Through an ancillary fundraiser, we have bough the video equipment to do interviews, go to debates, and live stream my radio show.

Through it all, you guys helped keep Philip on the payroll. I have not actually taken a penny from the site. Every dollar you have contributed has gone to cover Philip’s salary, the web hosting, the licenses for pictures, the equipment, the writers other than me, etc. One day I hope to get The Resurgent profitable enough that I can earn a salary. But right now, i just want to keep the site going and growing.

This coming year, I hope to head out into the country and interview conservatives about what a resurgent conservatism in America should look like. I also want to start a series of conversations around the nation — a version of my old Gathering with new friends and old to discuss the state of American politics.

All of this requires your help though. As you can imagine, this past year was a rough year for advertisers. Many were relentlessly harassed and we lost out on several major revenue opportunities because of our political positions. You guys, however, were able to keep us going and I hope you’ll be generous again this year.

We at The Resurgent are very thankful for you all. Over the coming weeks we will be embedding the fundraising widget below into our various posts. Thank you very much for all your help this past year and I cannot wait for the new year and new adventures together.

If you are uncomfortable using the secure web form, but would like to contribute, you can mail a check to

Resurgent Media
PO Box 28978
Macon, GA 31221

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