Grading This Week’s Liberal Insanity

“Fortune favors the bold.” -Jesse Kelly (and some other people)

Some people see Insanity Mountain and think, “I’m staying far away from that mountain. It looks cold up there. But it would be nice to get away from my wife awhile. Nah, I’m staying away.” Liberals look at that mountain and commit to CLIMBING that mountain. So once again, let’s look at some insane liberal takes and pay homage to folks willing to find the summit of Mount Psychosis.

This doozy is from actress Brie Larson (Who apparently was NOT named after brie cheese, according to Wikipedia. That sucks. I love cheese.)

“We’re with you in spirit, Brie.” -Yazidi Women

First of all, how about lower intestinal fortitude on this TSA agent to see a hot actress and seize the moment? I’m beyond impressed. The future belongs to such as these. ANYWAY, send thoughts and prayers up for Brie today. Who knows what kind of special counseling she’ll need after being asked for her phone number. Back in my day, women had the common decency to give me a fake number and give me a brief moment of pride. Not Brie, she pulled out the rape whistle on the poor TSA guy who will probably now get busted down to frisk duty. Grade: 6

Trump reversed Obama’s idiotic mandate that forced employers to cover birth control. How did feminists react?

Did you guys know that nobody likes fish? You think you do. But you don’t. What do you say when you get a bad piece of fish? You say, “This tastes fishy.” Have you ever had a steak that was “too beefy” or chicken “too chickeny”? No you haven’t. So you don’t like fish. You like a bland piece of meat that’s prepared in a delicious way.

Also, Lauren Duca and all feminists are crazy people and she gets a 9 for this.

P.S. The key to being an amazing writer is to keep the reader on their toes. That’s an old trick I learned in community college. No big deal. Not trying to brag about it.

On to our champion. The daughter of an American legend. Dean Martin or someone. I’m not big on research.

Like Michael Jordan was to basketball, Ali to baseball, and The Beach Boys to music, sometimes someone comes along and they’re so great that they almost ruin the sport for everyone else. Nancy may have just retired all other liberal wackos. Many have been pushing for new regulation and legislation. Some want outright gun confiscation.  Not Nancy. She went all in with the old Chinese approach to politics. Just execute all of your opponents. Which, when you think about it, probably is a pretty effective way to get what you want. It’s like when you’re trying to watch the game and your wife won’t stop talking about “the kids” or whatever and you just say something insulting about the dinner she made so she storms off and leaves you in peace. Actually, not sure if it’s like that but still, that’s very effective. Grade: 11


That’s all for this week. Not because there weren’t other candidates. There were. I’m just lazy.






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