President Donald Trump meets Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Oval Office of the White House, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

OUTRAGE: Trump’s Disgraceful Lack of Character Can’t Be Ignored Any Longer

It’s got to stop. I understand he’s the president. I get that he’s a grown man who is entitled to his opinions, petty and narcissistic as they may be. But this is ridiculous and shameful.

Taking time away from pressing issues of governance, President Donald Trump decided to lash out at the stars of NBC’s left-leaning morning program, “Morning Joe” in a Twitter tirade (1) (2) this morning that may be Trump’s most personally offensive to date:


This isn’t presidential. This isn’t respectable. It’s the hallmark of an embittered, acrimonious, and deeply vengeful soul. That is who we have elected as President, and 3 things need to happen immediately:

  1. Religious conservatives who have backed the President and willfully tied the name of Christ to his presidency must disavow these type of juvenile taunts and personal attacks. Supporting Trump’s policies is one thing; supporting and defending a man who consistently displays character traits that are the antithesis of a Christian attitude and demeanor is something completely different. It is subjecting Christ to public disgrace to claim such conduct is in any way the mark of a man, “doing the work of the Lord.”
  2. Someone in the White House needs to get the President off Twitter. If it’s Jared or Ivanka, fine. If it’s Vice President Pence (who given his character and values should be appalled at being tied to this kind of nastiness), fine. But this pretension that the President is using Twitter to effectively circumnavigate a hostile press has gone far enough. This isn’t strategy. It’s pettiness on full display and a daily reminder of the small man we have filling the largest office in the land.
  3. Americans left and right need to reevaluate what is most important to us when it comes to the leaders we choose. We have a self-absorbed, fragile egomaniac in office because the country wanted to give a middle finger to Washington, D.C. It’s easy to point fingers at our politicians and criticize them for their obvious character flaws. But our chosen leaders are a reflection of the character of the country that chose them. We have the character flaws as a people, and that must change before we will see things get better in Washington.

Character matters. It mattered when Bill Clinton was disgracing the Oval Office. And it matters when Donald Trump is doing the same.

UPDATE: Mika responds by tweaking the president with a reference to his “little hands.”  Meanwhile, Republican Senator Ben Sasse gets it right:

“Please stop. This isn’t normal and it’s beneath the dignity of your office.”

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