Gross. Why Does No One Take the Left Seriously? This is Why.

Demonstrating once again that when it comes to protests, nobody outclasses the left, a group of left-wing feminists have initiated a plan to send a giant replica of the female anatomy, filled with notes and criticisms to President Trump. The company On Mogul is responsible for the scheme, defending the idea as a “very classy” way of reaching out to the nation’s chief executive.

You have to hand it to the left; nothing says “take me seriously” quite like hate mail wrapped in a giant fake vagina. A sampling of the angry notes demonstrate the kind of deep thinking you would expect from folks who concoct a plan like this:

“Young women are the future, I always say that,” said Juli Szaller, another vice president at Mogul who handles operations and growth. “It’s really important for them that their voices are being heard. And it should be important for us. We should listen.”


“Just because Trump is our president doesn’t mean we are not entitled to say what we think,” said Christie Hartono, a student at Stanford University, who is participating in the campaign…


“Mr. Trump: Why are you so mean?” read a message from Finland. “Specially to women, but all in, everybody. Why do you want to devastate our planet? Shame on you!!!”


Another user wrote President Trump is “not my president,” and called the president “classist, racist, [and] misogynistic.”

In case you’re tempted to ask, yes, these people honestly believe that the election of Donald Trump was somehow an attempt to keep them from speaking. Yes, they truly believe that they are part of some great movement of resistance. Yes, they are convinced that President Trump is implementing a plan to destroy planet Earth. Yes, they sincerely believe that the country sees this kind of protest as creative, funny, and powerful. Yes, they are that oblivious.

And this isn’t new. Several months ago in my home state of Indiana, a group of left-wing activists gained national attention and celebratory attention from the Democrat/Media Complex for a campaign they started called “Periods for Pence.” Because then Governor, now Vice President Pence had signed a pro-life law, these modern feminists initiated a movement to call Pence’s office and inform the innocent college intern who answered the phone about their periods.

It’s hard to know what is more disturbing about the modern left: that their basic dignity, decorum, and self-respect have utterly collapsed, or that they have exchanged any remnant of intellectual integrity for mindless vulgarity as their approach to the great issues of the day.

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