Guiliani For FBI? No, Never. Now Stop The Junior High Gossip.

I’ve been seeing a whole lot of completely disconnected-from-reality speculation on social media about President Trump’s picks for a new FBI director. However, the one I find most humorous is Rudy Giuliani.


Giuliani is not going to happen, so everyone can relax. Rudy himself told Rosie Gray at The Atlantic as he traipsed through the Trump International Hotel lobby bar that it’s not going to happen.

“I’m not a candidate for FBI director,” Giuliani said. “The president’s not gonna ask me and I’m not gonna be FBI director.”

Asked if he would consider the position if Trump asked, Giuliani, a key Trump ally, said “He is not.”

Back in January, Trump tasked Giuliani to head a government cybersecurity team. I must say, nobody is better qualified than the former NYC mayor to do this. And I do mean “nobody” as in I could pick a random person with a laptop at Starbucks and they might do a better job.

In any case, let’s put this one to bed. Giuliani isn’t going to be the next head of the FBI. Even if Trump decides to choose him anyway (he won’t) the Senate will seriously go Wolverine on him and leave nothing but shreds. It’s not going to happen, and that’s a good thing.

Let’s stop with the junior high gossip now, okay?

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