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  • Aw, should have named him Bruce, considering the day. Hehe, congrats to you and your wife. ^^

    –Emily Churchill.

  • Congrats to you all! Great name! He’s got awesome genes all way around. Evie is going to be such a big help. You are going to need to start a whole site just for entertainment stories. Merry Christmas, like ya’ll need anything else right. LOL

  • Hey Erick and Christy! Charlene Leach sent me the announcement of Gunnar’s arrival. I am so happy for you two. What a great family! Sounds like you have a very smart little girl.

    Remember all the great political discussions we had at Mercer. I am so proud of your prominence in the world of Republicans. Rush knows a winner when he sees one. Keep up the good work speaking for conservatives.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a successful and happy new year! Love….Mrs. Ross