Hacking Donald Trump? How Could That Backfire?

The hacker group Anonymous has decided to focus its effort on Donald Trump. On April Fools’ day.

How stupid are they?

The group has declared “total war” on the divisive GOP front-runner and is calling supporters to join in on an April Fool’s Day attack by helping to shut down the billionaire buffoon’s websites and expose personal information about him.

“We are encouraging every able person with a computer watching this video to participate in this operation,” a man in a Guy Fawkes mask — who claims he represents Anonymous — says in a dramatic video released earlier this month.

Could Anonymous really be backing Trump, in a back-door way? This kind of idiocy will only give more page views to Trump’s website (which is nothing but an online store anyway), and give more exposure to Trump’s galactic ego.

There’s literally almost nothing these hackers could dig up that would hurt Trump. His personal account on Ashley Madison? He’d say he’s been contacted by thousands of swooning housewives wanting to bed him and his supporters would eat it up. Financial records? He’d just say they’re lying and his supporters would believe it. Ties to mobsters? Good luck with that one–if they were real, the mobsters would find the hackers quicker than the FBI and deal with them less charitably.

Anonymous is really the JV of hacktivists. They should focus their efforts on getting Snowden to come home, some such drivel, rather than giving basement-dwelling white power wannabes more reason to love Trump.

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