Hacking John McCain

Poor John McCain. Maybe it’s because he is old. He might actually buy Ted Steven’s description of the internet as “a series of tubes.” He clearly does not know how to place nice with the internet. The latest bout of ignorance on parade involves his MySpace Page.

The template he used was created by Mike Davidson, a talented guy who knows his internet. He’s a co-founder of Newsvine.com. Well, not only did McCain take the template, but he also used Mike’s graphics without permission. Mike, who inspired the title of this post, decided to retaliate. Below is the graphic that, for a short time, appeared on John McCain’s MySpace page.


You almost feel sorry for McCain. Almost.

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  • That will teach McCain to be a one man show! Hire someone to handle the Web John.

    Personally I think this is McCain’s way of reaching out to the few remaining loyal Bushies (aka dead enders). McCain is proudly proclaiming that he can be just as incompetent as Bush.

    But seriously this sort of thing isn’t uncommon. It’s certainly not professional but it’s not uncommon.