Christy and I have had difficulties for weeks as we struggled with what to do for Evelyn for Halloween.

Christy finally decided to dress Evelyn up as 80’s TV legend “Punky Brewster.”

Evie actually thought it was pretty cool. Her two shirts on, not to mention her hair. Christy painted on freckles. Evelyn wanted to see herself in the mirror.

Big Mistake.

She flipped out. She started crying, “Mommy dirty my face!!!!! Nooo!!!! Mommy dirty my face!!!” Needless to say, it went over like a lead balloon.

We got her calmed down and I took her to school. Every time she’d see herself in a reflection she’d start whinning, “Mommy dirty my face.”

The funny thing, though, was that Christy made a big platter of pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. The last time she did this was for Evelyn’s birthday back in August. At the time Christy made rubber duckie sugar cookies.

When Evie saw the pumpkin cookies she said, “Yay! Happy Birthday me.” The whole way to school she kept singing, “Happy Birthday me. Happy Birthday me.” I told her, “No, it’s not your birthday. It’s Halloween.” She replied, “Uh-huh. Happy Birthday me.”

At school, she spent all day telling everyone it was her birthday. So the afternoon Halloween party, to Evelyn, was her birthday party. Of course, she spent most of it screaming and crying convinced that once she sat down, Christy and I would leave. When she figured out we weren’t going anywhere, she calmed down and dug into her plate of treated.

Faced with sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, watermelon, cheese puffs, and a cupcake piled high with icing, Evelyn went for the cheese puffs. Devoured them all, took a bite of her cookie, then wanted more cheese puffs.

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