Happy Birthday Hillary! A Wish For You

Lots of tweets don’t age well. Lord knows many of mine from the 2016 election are laughable now. However, I am not sure any of mine can compare to this:

As we all know, that’s not exactly how it worked out. But it is Hillary’s birthday and I do have some sincere wishes and a few suggestions about how she can make this year better than last one.

So Hillary, now that you are back from your chardonnay riddled walk in the woods the quickest way to make this year better than last is stop telling us What Happened. The complete list of those blamed is longer than my kids Christmas list when they believed in Santa. And it is pointless. You lost fair and square and there is no trophy for winning the popular vote no matter what Rosie O’Donnell thinks.

Okay. That’s settled. Now that you have hit the big 7-0, I want to share with you things other women I truly admire and love have chosen to do with their time at a similar milestone. Maybe it will help you stay out of the limelight (thank God)  and more importantly, relax and enjoy yourself.


Without the demands of career and family, many women I know choose to travel and see the world. Now I know you were First Lady and Secretary of State, but now you can travel to destinations that won’t put you at risk for weathering sniper fire (snickers). Many of my loved ones have found an Alaskan cruise to be quite amazing. Also, I hear Branson, MO is quite fun and you would finally be able to connect with all of those folks in flyover country that screwed up your turn.

Charitable Work

In looking for ways to stay active many I know have worked tirelessly to give their time to a favorite organization that needs a hand. Or with connections such as yours, I am sure you would be excellent at fundraising. Or perhaps you could even start your own foundation……(okay I had to).

Be a Grandma

Charlotte and Aidan are growing up so fast. I know as a young mother (without a lot of money and a gaggle on nannies) I appreciated the time my parents spent with my children immensely. I also know as a child, time spent with my grandmothers is full of memories I cherish. One of them actually made most of my clothes as a young girl. Do you sew? It’s not too late to learn. And paper dolls are also a big hit. I know the little ones today have smartphones and tablets, but there are plenty of other engaging activities you can try since you aren’t so technically savvy. This way you won’t have to wipe anything with a cloth. Except for maybe the end of the little cherubs noses when they have a cold.

See Hillary? There are so many things to do other than travel the media circuit coming up with excuses and making suggestions, like emulating Kenya’s election laws. We honestly stopped listening when you blamed the DNC. That was comedy gold.

So have a piece of cake, a glass or six of chardonnay and resolve to make year 71 completely different than year 70. We’re behind you 100%


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