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  • I was working at the Census Bureau in Jeffersonville, IN when President Reagan was shot. There were some workers sitting around me with radio plugs in their ears listening to their transistor radios (yes transistor radios), and they shouted out Reagan has been shot, and many in the room cheered! I learned then just how divided we were as a people, and was so very sad. God Bless the spirit of Ronald Reagan!

  • It is unfortunate that the two major parties can’t produce one presidential candidate worthy of serious consideration by the electorate for this important position.

    I feel that is why we need desperately a third party. I have previously been involved with the greatest political experiment in the 20th century, United We Stand of America (UWSA). Both parties feared its strength and our millions of members. Then, some of its leaders wanted to form a third party and the Reform Party was born. That was a disaster.
    UWSA was non-partisan and would endorse candidates, however we did force stands on policy issues important to our members.
    Regardless of what you may have seen or heard, the truth is that the Contract with America came from UWSA and specifically the Georgia chapter.
    We need that movement again. Ross Perot gave America one last chance to preserve her liberty. I am afraid we have lost what our founding fathers fought to give us. We have surrendered our freedom for a mommy state to change our diapers and tell us when to go to bed.
    May God forgive us.