Happy Thanksgiving

I am at the in-laws. It is a cold and blustery day. Part of the family was snowed in at the Detroit Airport and have only now landed in Atlanta. We had to eat without them.

It is thus far a good Thanksgiving. I am certainly thankful for a gracious God, a great family, and a wonderful wife. I am also thankful for the President’s re-election and I’m thankful Arafat is finally roasting in hell. It’s about time.

I hope you have a blessed holiday with lots of rest and family. Thomas Crown, stay home and do not go back to the office. It’s a freaking holiday!

I’ll report back later. Oh, and remember, Apple is having some sort of huge sales event tomorrow at its online store and brick&mortar stores. Go buy an iPod or a Powerbook. I lust for a 17″ Powerbook.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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