Hate the Christian, Not The Activist

That seems to be E. J. Dionne’s message in his latest column.

And thus it came to pass that when [Rick] Warren called a conference at his church last Friday on World AIDS Day, among those he invited were two potential presidential candidates. It was unsurprising that one of them was Sen. Sam Brownback, the Kansas Republican and a loyal social conservative who has taken up the AIDS issue with passion and commitment.

But when the other invitee turned out to be [Barack Hussein] Obama, parts of the old evangelical political apparatus went after Warren as a heretic. Rob Schenck, president of the National Clergy Council, declared that Obama’s views on abortion — Obama is pro-choice — represented “the antithesis of biblical ethics and morality” and insisted that Warren had no business inviting him to Saddleback.

Basically, Dionne has no problem when Christians try to save people from AIDS. He has no problem with liberal Democrats like Harold Ford, Jr. and Barack Obama talk the talk as long as they don’t walk the walk. But, should any Christian mix the teachings of the gospel and missionary outreach, well the gloves come off.

Dionne suggests that Warren’s approach of inviting pro-abortion politicians to speak at a non-partisan outreach event focusing on a topic unrelated to abortion is proof that “growing numbers of Christians are tired of narrowly partisan politics.”

I would posit that Christians have never really been fans of “narrowly partisan politics.” Rather, Christians have been fans of Christianity and when one party spends its time worshipping at the alter of modern secularism while fighting against Christian values at every turn, Christians haven’t had much of a choice beyond the GOP.

It’s also funny that Dionne thinks Obama’s speech “demonstrates a much truer Christian spirit than the GOP masterminds who have recently tried to push people away from Obama by pointing out that his middle name is Hussein.” You can read Obama’s speech here. Notice the absence of the words Jesus, Christ, forgive, forgiveness, salvation, and spirit. “God” appears just three times (2 substantively). Why yes, a speech devoid of core tenets of the Christian faith — that really is a speech demonstrating true Christian spirit!

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  • “But, should any Christian mix the teachings of the gospel and missionary outreach, well the gloves come off.”

    Perhaps because the goal of these “outreach” programs have been, how can I say this, mixed at best.

    There’s an old saying, missionaries went to Hawaii to do good and they did damn well for themselves.

    That’s not to say that many missionaries aren’t altruistic or effective in helping others. In the case of AIDS missionary efforts are hampered by the belief that many Christian sects have that using condoms is immoral.