Have You Gone Old School Yet?

Want to add some learning to your life? Got a kid in homeschooling? I have an organization you may be interested in learning more about. It is called The Old School and it is all about learning.

The founder of The Old School has a new book out and wants to help you be a life student. Click the link and use the code “oldschoolcool” to download an e-copy of the book.

Any successful organization recognizes that the person who has technical expertise plus the ability to express ideas usually ascends to a position of leadership that inspires people. Given this demand for leadership and the short supply of qualified applicants – a unique opportunity now exists to fill a great need in universities, companies, and communities around the world. We need men and women of character, courage and commitment to step up. The Old School’s programs prepare willing students to do just that.

It’s for traditional students and graduates and I’m very happy they reached out on launch day at The Resurgent to see if they could sponsor us. For those of you in Texas, the Old School will be at the Great Homeschool Convention on March 17th.

But for now, go get your free book with the code “oldschoolcool”.

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