Having Caved on Obamacare Repeal, the Congressional GOP Wants to Cave on the Wall Funding

This really is unacceptable. The GOP has now failed to repeal Obamacare and is now preparing to cave on wall funding. They do not want to fund it.

Hill leaders have discussed ways to get Trump “enough” on border security so he feels they’re making enough progress to sign their funding bills. This could mean modest funding for the wall or other border security measures that moderates could live with, and/or other avenues to add funding to fight international crime gangs like MS-13.

This is not just a chief priority of the President. This is a chief priority of the Republican base. Even immigration squishes such as myself think a border wall is a good idea. With growing gang violence on the Mexican border, cartels crossing the border, and a de facto state of war existing in Mexico, a wall makes sense.

If congressional Republicans are unwilling to fund a wall after failing to repeal Obamacare, there really is not much of a reason to keep supporting them.

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