He Wasn’t A Terrorist, Just a Devout Muslim

Last week, a Muslim student showed up on the campus of UC Merced and began knifing people. No, it was not a terrorist attack, according to the police. Instead, “He appeared to be a devout Muslim.” That’s a quote from the sheriff.

I guess he was not a lone wolf, just a devout Muslim. In his “manifesto” he reminded himself to “praise Allah” repeated during the attacks. He scripted out who he wanted to kill, including beheading people.

Again,”he appeared to be a devout Muslim.” My how things have changed in this country. It used to be if someone was praising Allah and trying to behead people we called them terrorists. Now they’re just “devout Muslims.”

You and I know the Sheriff did not mean what he implied. But what an admission.

The terrorist devout Muslim was apparently upset over being kicked out of a study group.

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