Hearing What You Want to Hear

Regular readers know I’m in seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary. The professor I have had the most, Dr. Derek Thomas, is in the news this week for something he did not do. His church, First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, is preaching through Isaiah.

This past Sunday, Dr. Thomas preached this most excellent sermon on Isaiah 45. This is the passage where Isaiah, 200 years before the event, prophesies the coming of Cyrus.

The point of the sermon is God’s sovereignty. God can use any person as an instrument of God’s will, even those who do not acknowledge God. Well, that is probably not a passage of scripture that can be heard this close to the election without people hearing what they want to hear.

It went viral. Blown up by World Net Daily and spread around Facebook pages across the nation, suddenly Dr. Thomas found that he had made the case for Christians supporting Donald Trump who, like Cyrus, could restore the church even though he is not one of us.

That was not the intention of the sermon. I should probably stop here and tell you Dr. Thomas is Welsh. He just became an American citizen, which right now is about like buying stock in September of 1929.

If you listen to the whole sermon, and I would encourage you to, his message would apply equally to Clinton as much as to Trump. But Clinton does not right now have an army of Christians trying to find biblical authority to justify support for a moral cretin. Trump does. So the sermon has gone viral as an endorsement of Trump without ever mentioning the man.

People hear what they want to hear.

What you should hear in the sermon is that God’s will is perfect, God can raise up leaders without our help, and whoever does win in three weeks will be because God ordained it, not you and not me. So leave your worries in the lap of the Lord, be still, and know He is God.

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