Heavens to MurgatroydErnie Fletcher Finally Returns Fire

Ernie Fletcher, the Republican Governor Kentucky, has finally responded to a Democrat lynching of his administration. It is about time.

Fletcher became the first Republican to govern Kentucky in over three decades. During the past three decades, the Kentucky government became solidly entrenched with Democrats. While Kentucky has a purported civil service system, the civil service was, like the U.S. State Department, stocked full of career bureaucrats opposed to the Fletcher administration’s free market ideas and deregulatory spirit. So, the bureaucrats did what any bureaucrat would do — they set about undermining Fletcher.

As a result of the bureaucratic entanglement with Democrat politics to block Fletcher, he circumvented them with outside hirings of Fletcher loyalists. There was no corruption and no bribery. Fletcher just decided to go find people who would actually do as he wanted. The civil servants cried foul to the Democrats and Attorney General Greg Stumbo, a Democrat intent on running against Fletcher for governor, fired up an investigation and a grand jury.

High noon came today. Tired of ruthless Democrat attacks on his administration for partisan gain, Fletcher issued general pardons to nine of his staff. Fletcher stopped short of pardoning himself and will appear before a grand jury tomorrow.

As if wanting to admit it was a political witch hunt at the hands of entrenched civil servants and out of control Democrats still sore at Fletcher’s amazing win,

During Fletcher’s speech, staff from the attorney general’s office distributed a statement to reporters admonishing the governor for having “slammed the door on the public’s right to know what wrongs his administration has committed.”


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  • A Governor shouldn’t get to decide the validity of a grand jury indictment and then pardon accordingly.

    If I were a partisan Republican I don’t believe I would enjoy defending this behavior.