Hell Hath Frozen Over: Chris Matthews and a NYT Reporter Explained in 93 Seconds Why Millions Back Trump

Last night, in a spontaneous and fast-moving exchange, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and a New York Times reporter explained exactly why millions of American voters trust Donald Trump.

Via Real Clear Politics, Yamiche Alcindor seemed to denigrate the idea pushed by Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — and, frankly, conservatives and leftists in general — that there is media bias intended to “rig this election” or “don’t want to cover the real issues…” Alcindor briefly mentioned “value judgments” that are made by reporters, and Matthews pounced:

“Do you know anybody, Yamiche, at The New York Times who’s pro-life?”

Alcindor dodged, saying that she’s “not asked my co-workers that question.” Matthews pounced again:

“That’s cute. You’re making your point.”

To her credit, Alcindor wasn’t thrown off her game. She said a Trump supporter once called the GOP presidential nominee a “blue-collar billionaire.” She described that as “powerful,” noting that “people really are believing that he is the voice for them, and that’s something that’s really powerful.”

Moments later, Matthewes compared Trump to Frank Sinatra, saying, that Trump “doesn’t look like he was born to” wealth.

And that’s exactly it. I’m still #NeverTrump, but the disenfranchisement of millions of people is exactly why Sanders and Trump have done so well.

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