Hello, My Name Is Charlie

ImageIt has been a recurring joke among conservative groups in Washington. I always join in meetings by conference call. A lot of people think I live in D.C. and they are always surprised to find me on the phone instead of in person.

A few months ago at one of these meetings, I said I was on the phone and somebody, I think Tim Chapman with Senator Jim DeMint’s office, responded by saying, “Good morning, Charlie,” as if I was Charlie from Charlie’s Angels — the mysterious ever present voice on the phone.

Subsequently, more people have done the same thing.

Last week, I joined a Human Events editorial board meeting with Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas. Again, I was on the phone. Huckabee came in and made a reference Charlie’s Angels when he found out I was on the phone. When they posed for their group picture, Huckabee was kind enough to suggest I be included, so he picked up the speaker phone system and had them take a photo.

I think we need to start this as a tradition.

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