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We’ve been subtle about it for most of the week, but now is the time to just come out and say it. We need your help. It’s time to build the community section of this site so you, the readers, can start writing your own stuff. But we don’t have the money for it and traffic has been down in the last few weeks because of spring break. That lowers ad revenue.

The Resurgent has to rely on our listeners because I simply refuse to put up semi-porn crap ads and a bunch of pop up windows. Those, unfortunately, generate more revenue than the ads we have. But I just cannot do it. And I don’t want to resort to clickbait crap either. The reality is, though, that clickbait and that other stuff does drive lots of traffic to sites. I just wouldn’t be proud of this site if we did it.

I make exactly zero off this site. None of the money you contribute goes in my pocket. It does pay the writers, however, and if we can get enough raised we want to build out the community section ASAP and start growing a grassroots community here.

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