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Jim Burks, a seventy-five year old small businessman living in Lancaster County, PN, was working today when his phone rang. It was an automated phone call telling him that President Bush had a plan that would “do away with” his social security. A few hours later the phone rang and it was an automated phone call letting him know that he was no longer registered to vote and so there was no need for him to go to the polls tomorrow. Mr. Burks told me that, not trusting the government, he immediately called the local Republican Party about the phone call and they verified that he was registered. Mr. Burks intends to go vote for President Bush tomorrow.

According to a Bush campaign source, the voter registration calls are going throughout Republican areas of Lancaster County, PA. It is not clear if Republicans are getting the calls exclusively. Nevertheless, the Bush campaign has added a line to their standard phone script to inform voters about the phone calls.

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  • I’m not sure what you’re implying about Lancaster County PA — that local Democratic government officials are calling Republicans to tell them they’re not registered so don’t bother voting??? Lancaster County is heavily, overwhelmingly Republican. There are no Dems in local government.

    I live in Lancaster County. We’ve received 6 calls today regarding the election. All were from the Republican Party.

  • Hah! I thought the same thing. Shades of the 1986 texas gubernatorial “wiretap” in Rove’s office. What a creep. After watching the documentaries Bush’s Brain, Soldier’s Pay and Unprecedented back to back to back I can honestly say only a fool, a zealot or traitor would vote for Bush.

  • Sounds like something devious enough for Rove to pull… he probably set up the phone calls, had them placed, only to place blame on the Dems. It’s Karl’s usual back of tricks. He’s such a loathsome UN-Christian person.