Help Your Kids Own the LEGO Battlespace

The Clausewtiz of LEGO-Land

There were few things I enjoyed more as a kid than playing with LEGOS…and every build session inevitably turned into war, as soon as a squad could be formed.

My parents bought us 5-gallon buckets of legos from yard sales and only a couple of the actual LEGO kits, so imagination, rather than IKEA-esque instructions fueled the arms-races that my brothers, friends and I carried out.

A child’s imagination is absolutely incredible but one problem we always ran into is a lack of weaponry for our brick soldiers. Most of the kits we saved our chore-money for were just to harvest the guns/spears/etc for our Grand Armee.

Kids These Days…

What I’d give to be a kid these days! The internet and variety of LEGO-compatible toys make the variety of a modern kid’s LEGO arsenal so much cooler than mine used to be!

I recently came across an article on The Firearm Blog about Mini-Arms, a LEGO armorer, and wished I could go back in time! After a bit more googling to find other manufacturers of military LEGO paraphernalia, I was blown away.

I don’t have any kids yet but maybe I can buy some of these for my future children and…just keep them safe for a bit…

Geeking Out


The sheer volume of cool LEGO/brick militaria of which I was previously unaware is incredible! A few of the my favorite finds are shown here but you can look around for yourself via a few of the great sites I discovered: Mini-ArmsBrick Brigade, Combat Brick, Modern Brick Warfare Toys, Brick Mania


Many of the build kits for planes, tanks, etc are pretty dang expensive ($100-200) so you gotta really love your kid…if you’re actually buying them for your children…but they look incredible. Weapons, figures and the smaller items are much cheaper.

Worst case, get your kids some of the cheaper weapons/action toys and save the big guns for yourself!

Everybody knows that Dad has to keep a bit of an edge in the arms race!

Not all of the kits are specifically military related. Lots of Halo and Sci-Fi stuff as well. Buy this kit and decide for yourself who shot first!

You can also use some of these tutorial videos to use standard legos to build life sized LEGO weaponry!

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