Here are the Two Heroic Capitol Police Officers Who Saved Dozens of Lives

Crystal Griner and David Bailey.

Those are the two names, hopefully, that history will remember from this harrowing day. The disturbed man who tried (and failed) to kill Republicans because he disagreed with them, his name should die along with him.

Here’s David Bailey:

And Crystal Griner:

Bailey has been a federal police officer for nearly a decade and is reportedly in “good” condition.

Grines, according to, is described as a “woman to be reckoned with” by former classmates:

A former college classmate gave that description and said Griner was an athlete with a “lively presence.” Griner played college basketball for Maryland’s Hood College. Regarded as a talented athlete with a powerful determination, it’s good fortune that she was one of those assigned to protect the politicians and staffers gathered in the park on the morning of June 14. Her quick instincts, and those of fellow Capitol police officer David Bailey, may have averted a massacre of many of the nation’s leaders.

House Speaker Paul Ryan yesterday commended both officers assigned with protecting Rep. Steve Scalise. More from USA Today,

Bailey and Griner were among five people injured Wednesday morning when a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice. Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, the third-ranking Republican in the House, was shot in the hip. The team was preparing for the annual congressional baseball game set for Thursday. The gunman died in the ensuing shootout.

Rank-and-file members of Congress do not usually have security details, but Bailey and Griner were at the baseball field because of Scalise’s role in House leadership.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., a member of the baseball team, told CNN on Wednesday morning the only reason everyone was alive was because of the Capitol Police.

“Our lives were saved by the Capitol Police. Had they not been there I think it would have been a massacre,” he said. “The field, I mean, was basically a killing field.”

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