Los Angeles, USA - June 23, 2013: A photo of the Nickelodeon studios in Los Angeles. Nickelodeon is an American TV network aimed mainly at pre-teens and teenagers.

Here Comes the Pedophile Scandal in Hollywood

My wife and I do not let our children watch Nickelodeon or Disney. Both networks are quite committed to indoctrinating kids into leftwing culture. Disney is actually worse than Nickelodeon, but both are terrible. The boys act like girls. All are effeminately interchangeable. Asexual beings with fabulous hair and shopping spree problems encounter problems solved by leftwing platitudes. It’s not for my kids. And given the news coming out of Hollywood as the pedophile scandal breaks, Nickelodeon seems most assuredly for no one’s kids.

The details have been documented by Kira Davis over at RedState and are deeply troubling.

Dan Schneider is a former actor and producer at Nickelodeon. He is responsible for nearly every one of their biggest successes in the last 20 years. Schneider has produced and written the shows that have given us breakout stars like Arianna Grande, Amanda Bynes and Victoria Justice. Schneider has also been the subject of some very disturbing and consistent rumors for years. One need only search his name on the internet to find pretty damning rumors about him going back years. There are stories of his foot fetishes and how he acts them out on young extras alone in his office. There are stories about his relationships with his underage teenage stars and how they led to spin-off shows for the girls or blacklisting for those who didn’t participate.

Kira also notes

If Schneider is the monster people seem to believe he is, some things do fall into place. Jamie Lynn Spears was on track to eclipse her older sister in fame when she dropped out of Hollywood in “disgrace” because of her unplanned pregnancy. To this day she has never said a word about the real father of her child (and kudos to her for bringing her baby into the world). Amanda Bynes is an extremely gifted performer but tragically lost contact with reality for a while. She went on a now infamous twitter rant blaming her parents for basically making her a prostitute. It makes a lot more sense when you put it in the context of a Dan Schneider.

Time to go read the whole thing.

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