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Here Is How To Steal the Presidential Election

Stealing the Presidency is completely possible. We should examine what it would take to do it. The Trump campaign says the election is rigged and the Democrats are going to steal it. What would that look like?

For starters, it would not be just a wave of illegal aliens and Syrian refugees in one place. Remember, the Presidency is won and lost with the Electoral College, not the popular vote. Just ask Al Gore. So even if the Democrats flooded California with thousands of extra votes, it would not matter.

To steal the election, it must be stolen in swing states. Let’s look at what they would need.

With the exception of North Carolina, the swing states of Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Iowa all had their gubernatorial elections in off years, which tend to have lower turnout, and can therefore establish a good baseline of support for Republicans in statewide races at the top of the ballot. We need a baseline of support for who many people will turn out to see how many new voters Democrats must add, at a minimum, to steal the election. We need to focus on similarly situated races on the ballot because not all voters stick around down the ballot. To get that baseline, go see what Republicans got in their races in these swing states against their Democratic challengers. The difference is the number of votes the Democrats need to overcome the Republicans. Why? Because in each of these swing states, the GOP beat the Democrats. This provides us the absolute, best case, minimum number of additional votes needed for the Democrats.

In Arizona, the Democrats need an additional 178,141 votes to overcome the Republican baseline.

In Florida, it is 641,145 votes.

In Iowa, it is 245,245 votes.

In Nevada, it is 255,618 votes.

In North Carolina, it is 509,127 votes.

In Ohio, it is 935,489 votes.

In Wisconsin, it is 136,793 votes.

In just those swing states, Democrats would need to find a total of 2,901,558 illegal aliens, Syrian refugees, felons, and more to overcome the baseline vote Republicans get in those states for a statewide vote at the top of the ticket.

Now, assuming they can do that, they have another problem. In every one of those states except North Carolina and Wisconsin, the Democrats have to contend with a Republican Secretary of State. The secretaries of state in the fifty states oversee elections in those states and the state board of elections.

So if the Democrats tried to flood, for example, Ohio with an additional 935,489 registrations, they would trigger an audit by the Secretary of State to ensure no fraud was being committed. To get around that audit, the Democrats would have to provide forged records for the people that are acceptable.

If the Democrats can find 2.9 million new voters, strategically place them in the appropriate swing states to shift the Electoral College, and get them past the eyes of the Republican secretaries of state, then yes they could steal the election.

Oh, there’s one more thing.

There’d have to be coordinators among the Democrats to make this happen. Somebody has to be in charge of finding and placing the 2.9 million people. Let’s be charitable and say that is 20 people.

So on top of needing to find all the votes, get them placed in the various swing states for election day, get them through the audits and past the eyes of Republican elections officials, they would also have to ensure that 2,901,578 people can keep a secret, not to mention the forgers who forged the documents to provide the veneer of legitimacy.

Yes, it is possible that the election can be stolen. But if you believe it is going to be stolen I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

In the alternative, they could get a Democrat named Donald Trump to run as a Republican in a crowded field using Rebecca Mercer money without her realizing it, Breitbart “reporters”, and leftwing activists to sabotage the rest of the field, hand Trump the nomination, and then let him run a disastrous campaign to ensure his friend Hillary wins.

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