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  • Dang it, I hit post too fast. The main pooint I was making was that Kerry’s supporters lied and committed fraud and their failing was in not cheating enough.

    PS: Todays paper said my county (Butler) went for Bush by a greater plurality than any other county in Ohio. Bush won here 106,735 to 54,185. Personally, I’m surprised it was that close.

  • Exactly. I’ve been telling people that the post-election commentaries have been all wrong. They concentrated on “What Kerry did wrong.” The question should have been why was it so close? The Dem’s and the moonbats supporting them should be acknowledged for how close they made this race. Their lies worked. How many fools voted for Kerry because of the lies about the draft, WMD, Patriot Act, etc. It was amazing that Soros and friends could fool enough idiots.