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Here’s How Stupid We’ve Become – and Here’s What We Must Do

If anyone is looking for clarification on just how stupid we have allowed ourselves to become, an actual conversation that took place between supposed American adults and that is now making its way around social media, pretty well provides it.

Fair warning, though I have substituted for some terminology in the conversation, it’s nature is raw and rather explicit:

  • Sean McManus: Isn’t trans sex inherently queer? If I were having sex with a transwoman that had a penis, and I stimulated that penis [orally] and [rectally], it would fall under [queer].
  • Shay Serenity: Nope. If you’re a cishet (cisgender heterosexual) man having sex with a woman you are having straight sex.
  • Sean McManus: Something about {orally stimulating a penis] just feels queer to me though
  • Sasha Tourk: Well, it’s not. It’s a woman’s penis. It would only define as gay if you were a woman as well.

As a father of three young children, I shutter to think all of the various versions of “the talk” I’m going to have to have with my kids. The days of an evening chat or a sitting-on-the-end-of-the-bed conversation about the birds and the bees are long past. I’m fully anticipating needing to prepare an entire lecture series that spans a couple months.

The first two weeks will be spent breaking down new vocabulary – stupid words society has recently concocted and pretends are real things when they’re not. Things like “cisgender,” “heteronormativity,” and “androgyne non-binary.”

Then we’ll have to spend a few days on what is offensive and what is not offensive terminology. When I grew up, “queer” was a derogatory term that demeaned effeminate boys. And while I think it can still be used that way, it is also employed intentionally by some as their self-professed sexual identity.

And for the love of Pete, I’m going to have to make sure I include a thorough explanation of the new pretend-reality that says sexual attractions are innate, inborn, and unchanging (and how it should be illegal and regarded as child abuse to attempt to change them through counseling), while sex (or gender) is a mere social construct that can be fluid and change daily depending on mood.

To drive all this home, I think I’ll roll the Emmy-nominated “sexual spectrum” episode of Bill Nye Saves the World that included the star co-DJing a turntable with someone dressed as a seahorse while a woman named Rachel Bloom sang about her “sex junk” and how intercourse might just include some “butt stuff.”

Along those lines, perhaps I could keep a copy of the recently published anal sex guide from Teen Vogue to answer questions in a field I am admittedly quite unfamiliar.

This is the nightmare scenario now facing parents in 2017 America. Though “at the beginning of creation God ‘made us male and female’ (Mark 10:6),” our culture no longer “thinks it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God (Romans 1:28).” And consequently, God has, “given us over to a depraved mind so that we do what ought not to be done (Romans 1:28).” Our society’s foundations have been destroyed, and when that happens, “what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3)”

Here’s my best suggestion: let’s remain faithful to the truth, ignore the arrows and accusations of the fools around us, teach our children and all others who will listen to do the same, and trust that even when the rest of our society crumbles, our foundation will remain.

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