Here’s How The Senate Is Shaping Up

John McCain, Ted Cruz, and several other Republican senators are hitting on a new strategy for the Supreme Court — confirm no Justices and let the court shrink to seven members. They have every constitutional right to do that if they can hold firm. But to do that, they must keep the Senate and have no margin for error. So how do things look? Actually, not too terrible considering. Though the latest FBI allegations against Clinton may not benefit Trump due to the electoral college, they could help the GOP hold the Senate.

Right now, in Nevada, Harry Reid’s seat is a toss up seat. That is good. Republicans there may throw it all away because the GOP nominee became critical of Trump after the Access Hollywood tape. But Joe Heck, the Republican, is still a solid candidate against a lackluster Democrat.

In Pennsylvania, it looks like Pat Toomey may pull off his re-election. He could use some last minute cash and boots on the ground, but Toomey has played smartly.

Burr in North Carolina, Todd Young in Indiana, and Roy Blunt in Missouri all appear to be in toss up races right now in states that should go GOP. But they have Trump anchoring them. I suspect they’ll all come out of this. Todd Young running against Evan Bayh should have the most trouble, but Bayh is proving himself to be a rusty candidate.

The three races the GOP will probably lose are Wisconsin, Illinois, and New Hampshire. Illinois is flat out gone. There is no chance of saving it. But Wisconsin is only now barely leaning Democrat. Same with New Hampshire.

The idea that voters split the ticket is more myth than fact, but this year seems to be the year it becomes reality. A lot of voters, particularly women, do not like Clinton, but they really hate Trump. As a result, they are going into the polls voting Clinton, but then supporting a Republican Congress to hold her accountable. That is good news.

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