In this file photo from July 11, 2017, Sen. Luther Strange, R-Ala., who replaced Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate, does a TV interview on Capitol Hill in Washington. President Donald Trump is endorsing Alabama Sen. Luther Strange in a special primary election next week. The presidential endorsement comes as some polls have suggested that Strange is in a tight race with former state chief justice Roy Moore and Rep. Mo Brooks, a member of the House Freedom Caucus. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, file)

Here’s the Best Way for Alabama Voters to Rebuke Mitch McConnell Tomorrow

All the polling in Alabama shows Judge Roy Moore is going to come in first tomorrow and go into a run off for the Alabama Senate seat replacing Jeff Sessions. The second spot, however, is neck and neck.

The best way for Alabama voters to rebuke Mitch McConnell tomorrow is to vote for Mo Brooks. Stopping Luther Strange from getting into the runoff will send a strong signal that Alabama voters are opposed to the status quo.

If Strange gets into the runoff, starting Wednesday morning Roy Moore is going to be the subject of a massive barrage of negative attacks. Mitch McConnell will rain down money all over the state of Alabama to destroy Roy Moore.

If Mo Brooks is in the runoff with Moore, McConnell and his lobbyist friends will sit out the race. The McConnell team only wants Luther Strange and they’ll do whatever it takes to get him. Moore is probably not going to be able to withstand the massive air war and ground war against him. McConnell and his thugs are ruthless and will do anything and everything to stop him. Look what they did to Chris McDaniel in Mississippi.

You want to rebuke McConnell and you want to ensure a conservative fighter gets the seat? Vote Mo Brooks tomorrow. Roy Moore is going to be in the runoff, but who gets in the runoff with him will decide whether the GOP establishment gets a strong message or affirmation.

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