New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, right, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker share a laugh as Walker campaigns at Empire Bucket in Hudson, Wis., Monday, Sept. 29, 2014. (AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

Here’s Where Every Republican Governor Stands on Donald Trump

With Donald Trump heading toward becoming the inevitable Republican nominee – barring some scandal, racist comment or mass defection (which isn’t out of the realm of possibility) – we at The Resurgent will be taking a look at where every Republican politician stands on Donald Trump, and highlighting the men and women standing on principles to oppose him.

First, we’ll start with the Republican governors. There are currently 31 GOP governors – most of them have weighed in on their plans for an impending Trump presidential run in the general. We’ll group everyone into four categories: Oppose Trump, On The Fence, Support The Nominee, Endorse Trump.

We’ll keep updating this list as information changes. If you see any that need to be changed, please let us know.

As of June 8, 2016:

Oppose Trump

Charlie Baker – Massachusetts – Baker says “I’m not going to vote for [Trump] in November.”

On The Fence

Matt Bevin – Kentucky – Bevin says he’s waiting until July and the nominee is official.

Larry Hogan – Maryland – Hogan says he has no plans to endorse anyone.

Rick Snyder – Michigan – Snyder says he has no plans to endorse Trump, and “I’ve stayed out of the whole thing, and I’m going to continue to.”

Brian Sandoval – Nevada – A new addition to this category as of yesterday, Sandoval previously said he would support the nominee, but now is on the fence after Trump’s judge comments.

Susana Martinez – New Mexico – Martinez won’t decide what she plans to do until she meets with Trump personally, which is happening soon.

John Kasich – Ohio – Kasich is in no rush, and has not said whether he’ll support Trump.

Dennis Daugaard – South Dakota – When it comes to supporting Trump, Daugaard says “I’m not there.”

Bill Haslam – Tennessee – Haslam has been critical of Trump, and says he’s waiting on a personal meeting with him.

Scott Walker – Wisconsin – Walker previously said he’d support the nominee, whoever it was, but has backtracked this week and is back to being on the fence.

Support The Nominee

Doug Ducey – Arizona – Ducey says he’ll back the nominee.

Asa Hutchinson – Arkansas – Hutchinson endorsed Rubio in the primary, but now says he’ll support Trump.

Nathan Deal – Georgia – Deal says he’ll support the nominee, but not everything he does or says.

Butch Otter – Idaho – Otter endorsed Kasich, but says “I’m all in, whoever gets the nomination.”

Bruce Rauner – Illinois – Rauner is somewhat in the middle of “On The Fence” and “Support The Nominee.” He has said he’ll back whoever the nominee is, but has no plans to endorse or even attend the convention.

Mike Pence – Indiana – Pence endorsed Cruz, but now says he’ll support Trump as the nominee.

Terry Branstad – Iowa – Branstad says he underestimated Trump, never thinking he had a shot, but will now support him.

Sam Brownback – Kansas – Brownback says he’ll support the nominee.

Pete Ricketts – Nebraska – Ricketts says he’ll support the nominee (his parents led an effort to stop Trump).

Pat McCrory – North Carolina – McCrory says he’ll support the nominee, but didn’t endorse in the primary and doesn’t plan to.

Jack Dalrymple – North Dakota – Dalrymple says he’ll support the nominee, but when asked if he’d endorse Trump, he said, “I’m pretty much down to one choice, aren’t I?”

Nikki Haley – South Carolina – Haley said recently she wouldn’t consider being Trump’s running mate, but did say she’d support him as the nominee.

Greg Abbott – Texas – Abbott had endorsed Cruz, but now says he’ll support Trump as nominee.

Gary Herbert – Utah – Herbert says he’ll back the nominee.

Matt Mead – Wyoming – Mead says the way Trump has been is “not the way to go about” winning, but that he’d support him as nominee.

Endorse Trump

Robert Bentley – Alabama – Bentley initially endorsed Kasich, but has now fully endorsed Trump.

Rick Scott – Florida – Scott endorsed Trump one day after he won Florida.

Paul LePage – Maine – LePage was an early endorser of Trump.

Phil Bryant – Mississippi – Bryant initially endorsed Cruz, but has now fully endorsed Trump.

Chris Christie – New Jersey – Christie was one of the first major politicians to endorse Trump.

Mary Fallin – Oklahoma – Fallin endorsed Trump, and said she’d consider being his VP.

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