Here’s Why Sebastian Gorka’s Statement Was Really, Really Bad

More than one person who would have direct knowledge has told me Anthony Kennedy really did intend to retire at the end of this past Court term, but President Trump’s behavior in the run up to summer recess and through it made Kennedy reconsider.

Now, in this term, Christians are asking Anthony Kennedy, because it will come down to him, to allow them to refrain from being forced to provide goods and services to religious ceremonies to which they object.

Today, in Washington, Sebastian Gorka took the stage at the Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit and declared on stage that “the left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens.”

The Family Research Council is one of the groups asking Anthony Kennedy to show tolerance to Christians who want to opt out of supporting gay marriage.

It is not helpful at all for Sebastian Gorka to stand on stage to the cheers of the supposedly Christian crowd saying they will show no tolerance to the left.

Let’s leave aside that this is a Christian conference and a man is on stage calling for damage and destruction instead of grace and forgiveness. This very organization is calling for tolerance of its own side while this guy is on stage undermining their very position.

I actually think highly of Gorka and very highly of both Tony Perkins and the FRC. I think Gorka was malaigned by a lot of people and pushed out of his job unfairly. But today he did damage to the arguments and credibility of a great organization and those on his own side by getting Christians to cheer on damage to the other when those same Christians want tolerance.

It was a deeply low moment that the left will use to define Christians as undeserving at a time His Majesty Anthony Kennedy is designing how much of his grace to extend to them.

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