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Hey College Parents, What Are You Paying For?

By now it’s become a normal occurrence. You pull up to a drive thru at Taco Bell and notice the girl handing your food through the window is a recent college graduate from your church or community. As you drive off you wonder how it is that someone can have a college degree and be reduced to entry-level, minimum wage work at a fast food joint.

But you know the answer. Because despite the thousands upon thousands of dollars she and her parents have poured into the university, there is simply no marketability for a degree in Norwegian Gender Studies. So it begs the question, if it’s not to provide meaningful training and preparation for a future career, what exactly are those thousands upon thousands of dollars going to pay for?

Well, at the prestigious UCLA at least, they’re going to hire student “Social Justice Advocates” to do battle against “whiteness, heteronormativity,” and “the patriarchy.” Good grief.

The publicly funded university has announced plans to pay 8 to 10 students (with taxpayer dollars) to hold official “Social Justice Advocate” positions in the upcoming semester. First reported on Campus Reform, these so-called advocates will – according to the university administration’s official job posting – guide peers to “navigate a world that operates primarily on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies.”

In other words, they are using tax and tuition dollars to pay students to be grievance mongers. And they waste no time inculcating their hires. The application process requires interested parties to select their preferred gender pronoun, which includes made-up nonsense words like “zi” and “hir,” as well as expound upon what social justice issue most concerns them.

No one should be surprised at any of this given that UCLA has been hard at work promoting social justice virtue-signaling for some time now; whether it was running workshops to combat the “myth” that anyone but white people can be racist, or seminars blasting our “Eurocentric” standards for beauty (because armpit hair for women apparently needs to be embraced).

But with the introduction of Social Justice Advocates, UCLA appears determined to move beyond passive seminars and instead actively turn young people into grievance evangelists. The job description they posted to the school’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion webpage included this line:

“Social Justice Advocates will educate their peers on how they can make UCLA a more equitable space for all students and communities.”

If you run that through your Leftism-to-English translator that means the school will be paying students to snitch on fellow classmates for what other social justice campuses call “bias incidents.”

As depressing as this development might be for parents who still cling to the silly belief that college is a place where you pay to get educated, there is this silver lining: being a grievance mongering social justice agitator got a man elected president for eight years recently. That beats the Taco Bell drive-thru.

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