Hey Delegates, They Want to Cut Deals With You Because They Know You’ve Got Them

The RNC is desperately trying to cut deals with the anti-Trump delegates right now while also threatening and bullying them.

The anti-Trump delegates need to stop talking and start taking action. The RNC would not be trying to cut deals right now that demand unity behind Trump as an ultimate consequence unless they were worried.

Don’t take the deal. Fight. Fight in the Rules Committee for an amendment to unbind the delegates. Fight on the floor for delegates to abstain.

Consider this fact. In all of the post-email scandal polling, Clinton may have gone down, but Trump has not really gone up. The voters do not want him. In the latest New York Times poll, the shift after a scandal in which it is clear Clinton broke the law has a shift only within the margin of error and Clinton and Trump tied. He has not gotten ahead.

This should be your warning sign. Meanwhile the Clinton ad war starts today. In Georgia.

Don’t take the deal. Don’t unite. Fight. Fight hard. Ignore the nerds trying to be too clever by half and cut cute deals about 2020. The fight is in 2016. To beat Hillary Clinton, we must defeat Donald Trump first.

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