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Hey GOP, Bet You Wish You’d Let Them Vote Their Conscience Now. HAHAHAHA

Last week at the Democratic Convention, Reince Priebus suggested the Democratic delegates be allowed to vote their conscience, which is something he actively worked to deny for Republican delegates.

Today, if you have not heard, the wheels really are coming off the Trump campaign.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that inside the Trump campaign staffers are openly depressed, frustrated, and contemplating getting out of the way.

The New York Times, CNN, and NBC are all hearing from staffers and RNC officials that they are beside themselves over Trump’s behavior and that Paul Manafort has given up.

Trump, who demanded party loyalty, is now supporting Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary challenger, is in opposition to John McCain’s re-election, and is spending more time attacking gold star families than Hillary Clinton.

Now Republican officials are considering publicly coming out and repudiating Donald Trump.

This all could have been avoided if they’d manned up before the convention. But they were too chicken. We all saw this coming, but their pride got in the way. They convinced themselves that Trump could be controlled.

Come on, dear reader. Say it with me. “I told you so.”

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