Hey Man, Nice Shot

It wasn’t just the gas causing tears at the protest against Donald Trump in Arizona yesterday, as one unlucky agitator found out the hard way.

Things had been mostly peaceful outside of the presidential rally, until somebody thought it might be fun to start hurling rocks and bottles at the police–but as this was Phoenix and not Berkeley, the police were not amused.  That’s when they ordered the crowd to disperse, and when the crowd didn’t comply the cops took a few active measures of their own:


Yep, that’s some jackass kicking a tear gas canister back at the cops.  He probably thought he was pretty clever bringing a gas mask with him for the occasion.  What he didn’t count on was getting nailed in the nether regions by a pepper ball.  In hindsight, perhaps a codpiece would have been a better accessory?

At any rate, there’s no way to be sure if the cop who fired the infamous shot hit where he was aiming or just found the sweet spot out of sheer luck.  We can only be grateful that Arizona police take their duty to protect so seriously, all while serving up some boffo entertainment besides.

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