Hey, Pro-Trump Conservatives – Coffee Is for Closers. (And Right Now You’re Not Closing)

As a #NeverTrump person, I have coined a new term for fellow Conservatives I believe should still be in our camp, but have crossed over: #TemporarilyTrump.

I get it.  Honestly, I do.  These friends have gotten behind the Republican nominee for one reason – to stop Hillary Clinton.  And their arguments are excellent.

But guess what?  So are ours, and this is where #TemporarilyTrump – especially those voices in Conservative media  – are missing a key point (and potentially the general election boat).

Trump has fractured the Republican Party and has alienated many Conservatives.  He has told us, flat-out, that he doesn’t need our votes.  On a daily basis, he gets on Twitter or in front of television cameras and single-handedly reaffirms why #Never Trump is NEVER Trump.

Despite this, we hear incessantly from fellow Conservatives that not voting for Trump is voting for Hillary Clinton.  These friends then launch into all of the things Hillary will do (and they hope Trump won’t) if elected.


It’s time for us #NeverTrump to channel (God help us) Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross and tell #TemporarilyTrump to, “Put that coffee down.”

Coffee is for closers and pro-Trump Conservatives would do well to remember the A-B-C’s of sales: A- Always.  B-Be.  C-Closing.  Always be closing.

You want our votes?  You want us to jump in and help you defeat Hillary?  That’s not a hard sale.  What you don’t seem capable of, though, is closing the deal.

We don’t want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency any more than you do.  But this is where #TemporarilyTrump drops the ball.  Repeating to us how bad she is won’t change our minds and close the deal.  Newsflash: we know how bad she is.  That’s not what scares us.

What scares us is that we have every reason to believe that Donald Trump will be worse.

You don’t have to agree with us, but we’re not willing to spin the Trump roulette wheel without some insurance from the house – and by “house” I don’t mean Congress.

Trump destroyed the deepest, most talented GOP primary field I have seen in my lifetime.  He ain’t just another fighter.  This guy is a wrecking machine.  And he’s hungry – to quote Burgess Meredith from Rocky III.

Perry, Cruz, Walker, Jindal… none of them could stop Trump.  Don’t tell me our Republican Congress would suddenly stand up and clip the wings of an ever-expanding imperial presidency.  They couldn’t even stand up to Obama and Obama is a Democrat.

The big problem here is that nothing about Donald Trump suggests he’d be constrained by anything – not decorum, not the lessons of history, not his advisors, not even the Constitution (of which he is woefully ignorant).

In fact, everything about Trump – from his sordid past to how he comports himself on television and Social Media – suggests he’d be a strongman if elected.  “I alone can solve” and “I alone can fix” are not the utterances of anyone a free republic should ever place into office, much less this nation’s highest.

Listen, I know a progressive like Hillary Clinton will erode our liberty.  What I fear more, though, is that an authoritarian like Trump might destroy it completely.  When he steamrolls the Supreme Court, what good will voting for him just to secure SCOTUS picks have been?

I’m not unreasonable.  I’m open to persuasion.  But for that to happen, my #TemporarilyTrump friends, particularly those in the media, need to convince me that they have a plan – a real plan – in case Trump turns out to be worse than Hillary.

Present us with that plan and maybe we can talk.  Until then, put the coffee down.

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