Hey “UberFacts,” Stick to Baboons and Leave Theology to Smart People

While some are able to offer meaningful theological content on Twitter, others…well…can’t. Put the geniuses at “UberFacts” into the latter category having recently tweeted:

“God killed nearly 3 million people according to the Bible – Satan killed 10.”

This tweet is the kind of anti-intellectual nonsense that floods social media these days – and is re-tweeted over 6,000 times with fools actually convincing themselves that this is some kind of clever “point.”

They type this, tweet it, push back from their computer desk, drop their fake microphone and high five as though they’ve just undone rational confidence in the authority of the Bible. They haven’t. Because this is dumb.

Since the folks at UberFacts are apparently concerned with what the Bible says, it might be beneficial to them if they noted that “according to the Bible” Satan is the source of all sin and evil in the world. Thus, every act of wickedness and violence, every act of war and terror, flows from his influence, his inspiration, and the authority he usurps and wields over creation. Looking back at the testimony of mankind’s eight to ten thousand year existence, that would account for a few more than 10 deaths.

Further, consider that “according to the Bible,” every act of God “killing” people was the result of humanity’s rebellion, sinfulness, and evil. It was His just retribution and punishment for heinous, unspeakable crimes. And who do you suppose motivated those heinous, unspeakable crimes leading to the consequence of God’s vengeance? That would be Satan. Meaning he bears the weight of responsibility for those too.

Maybe UberFacts should stick to informing the world how baboons can sometimes kidnap puppies and raise them as pets, and leave theology to people with a clue. Oh, and to the young millennials they have working for them who may be reading this, you may officially consider my mic dropped.

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